Design for changemakers: a manifesto

We want our future world to be a better world. In order for that to happen we need changemakers: people and organisations that recognise something can be better, cleaner or fairer. People who want to make that difference.

Discover the fields in which we operate in our manifesto and find out how we see our role as a design studio in creating a better world.

Design for the new normal

Actually it’s quite strange: products that are organic, socially responsible or sustainable receive special labels. Regular products don’t. That begs the question: what is normal? Isn’t it time for a ‘new normal’?
Fortunately, good things are happening. More and more companies practice socially responsible entrepreneurship. Because of them, consumers have sustainable alternatives like organic food, green energy and recycled products to choose from. Rather today than tomorrow, we would like to see responsible products and services as the norm. We develop visual means for organisations to shape the new normal.

Design for good energy

Let’s be honest: since the 60s, economic developments have brought us prosperity, stability and economic growth. Unfortunately, the consequences have had their effects on our natural environment. Now that these effects are being felt, an increasing front of people and organisations are looking to put a stop to this. They are spreading awareness, generating energy from sustainable resources and reusing raw materials. That’s what we call good energy. We believe it is important to contribute to a climate-neutral future and design for companies that accelerate the transition to clean energy.

Design for transformative education

Learning is not a linear process. It doesn’t start at school and doesn’t stop when we retire. In reality, education is more like a winding road that leads to new paths every time. The Internet has taken learning to a whole new level: knowledge can be shared faster and easier with a large or specific group of people and opportunities for lifelong learning are plentiful. We want to play a part in this development by designing for organisations that make education accessible for everyone.

Design for cultural innovation

Culture connects. It helps create new views and lets people understand each other better. But in the first place, culture tells stories. How do cultural organisations reach new, culturally engaged generations? Or people who are not coming into contact with cultural programmes at all? By implementing a cross-media approach, these new audiences can be reached. We design and initiate solutions that cultural organisations need to engage meaningfully with a new generation of culture-lovers.

Multitude wants to make a positive impact on the world we live in. Together with our clients, we want to take the long view and share the responsibility of reaching that goal. We believe in a better world and see visual design as the driving force of our progress.

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