We are Multitude

The design agency in Amsterdam for companies and organizations that make a difference

Multitude creates strong brands out of organizations that believe something can be improved. Or that something needs to be improved. We want to get behind that change. What do we do? We create the means that brands need to make the changes they envision. Such as websites, visual identities, corporate identities, logos, animations, campaigns and more. We create every aspect of visual communication that goes into telling a crystal clear and sustainable story so that brands can engage with their audience in a meaningful way. 

We see design as a driving force of progress. At Multitude, we have a pro-active and responsible attitude to life. Together, as a team, we work on the most diverse projects towards a common goal: a better future, as described in our manifesto

Changemakers can be found everywhere. Think of social enterprises, cultural institutions, tech innovators and educational innovation. Together with our clients, we want to make a positive impact on the world in which we live. This goes beyond leaving a nice impression or creating a recognizable brand identity. We not only think about the right brand perception among potential target groups but also how our design can inspire you, as an extension of your mission to do business more sustainably. 

Multitude was founded in 2012 by graphic designers Rozemarijn Koopmans, Nick Topp, and David de Zwart, 3 friends ánd fellow students. Started out small, but with great ambition. 

Today we are a design studio of strategists, UX designers, motion graphic designers, illustrators, copywriters, and marketers. We are proud of the work we do for changemakers: because of their conviction and our designs, you know them today as progressive brands, such as Marqt, Fairphone and hello energy.


Design for changemakers: a manifesto

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They design the new normal

Rozemarijn Koopmans

communications director & co-founder

Nick Topp

creative director & co-founder

David de Zwart

managing director & co-founder

Sanne Walvius


Feya Foppen


Frank Schaafsma

motion graphic designer

Andrea Vendrik


Amir Noshirwani

Frontend developer

Floris van Driel

visual designer

Tijmes Woudenberg

lead developer

Jet Braas


We see design as the accelerator for change

Together with our clients, we want to make a positive impact on the world


  • Social Enterprises
  • Transformative Education
  • Cultural Institutes
  • New Tech


  • Visual Identity
  • Animation
  • Campaigns
  • Illustration


  • Web Design
  • UI/UX
  • App Design
  • Social Strategy

Multitude works for

We’re located in an old printing office in Amsterdam

Wenslauerstraat 16-2
1053 BA Amsterdam

Public transport: tram 17 (stop: Ten Katestraat) or tram 13 (Elisabeth Wolffstraat)
By car: De Hallen parking garage (Bellamyplein 41, Amsterdam)