Gender equality should be the norm, not the exception

WOMEN Inc. celebrates their 15th anniversary this year, which calls for a new & improved website. We created a larger, more informative and more beautiful online platform with which WOMEN Inc. can fight for equal rights even better. Because gender and sex still define what opportunities you get.

This inclusive society needs a strong digital platform to come together, to learn, and to commit to urgent themes. We made use of bold and soft colors and unapologetic typography. We transformed the circle in the WOMEN Inc logo into a dynamic and relatable form that comes back in all kinds of shapes and sizes. We helped WOMEN Inc. to break new ground with a mature, powerful and professional platform. From curious newcomers to well-informed feminists: at womeninc.nl everyone can learn how to reach more equality in both their private & professional life.

A digital platform that boosts an inclusive society

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WOMEN Inc. fights for equal rights for every individual, regardless of gender and sex. Is that still necessary? Sure. In 2003, the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, Aart Jan de Geus, stated that the government no longer needed to spend money on emancipation. Boy, was he wrong. Did you know that in their entire career, women earn €300,000 less than men? And that cardiovascular diseases in women are more often missed, because healthcare is mainly based on the male body? That's just a fraction of the things WOMEN Inc. take action for. With their campaigns, research and training, WOMEN Inc. contributes directly to an inclusive society.

Photography by Robin de Puy, commissioned by WOMEN Inc.